World's first AI platform to automate Financial Risk Investigation

Global corporations have big ambitions to grow business, remain compliant with regulators and positively manage their risk levels. Significant investment is made in technology to investigate and fight increasingly complex financial crime.

The Caspian platform enables a machine to successfully undertake a higher order human task of Financial Risk Investigation. The platform automates the full investigation and will generate evidence, take risk decisions and explain its answers to the combined performance of the best human experts.

The Problem

The Solution

Caspian have built the world's only AI platform that automates expert level investigations with auditable, transparent and explainable decisions. Our end-to-end solution is more consistent and faster than current processes and requires significantly fewer human analysts.

Our platform can be applied to corporate financial risk investigations including Anti Money Laundering, Know Your Customer Review, Sanctions Screening, Customer Due Diligence, Correspondent Banking TM, Credit Risk, Fraud and Customer Onboarding.

Our automated end-to-end solution includes:

Customer Outcomes


Transform Your Risk

Our 4-6 week initial process demonstrates the benefits of automated financial risk investigations.

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