About Us

Our vision is to revolutionise how financial crime is detected and investigated by financial services organisations. Caspian's mission is to help financial services organisations to automate expert decision making and reduce risk in their fight against financial crime.

Meet The Team

Caspian's team has extensive knowledge in neuroscience, data science and artificial intelligence technology:

Chris Brannigan

Chris Brannigan – CEO/Founder

Chris is the founder and Chief Executive of Caspian. He is a trained neuroscientist and performance simulation expert. He has significant previous experience working in Banking and Technology Strategy.

Tahir Ali

Tahir Ali – Chief Financial Officer

Tahir has been with Caspian for over 13 years as their Chief Financial Officer. He is a Chartered Accountant and has held previous senior roles at Proctor and Gamble, Rentokil and in Venture Capital. His responsibilities at Caspian are across all aspect of the business, commercial, operational and legal matters.

Phil Lutas

Phil Lutas – Chief Technology Officer

Phil has been with Caspian for over 7 years and is currently employed as its CTO. He is currently responsible for the delivery of tools and software to facilitate Caspian’s cognitive machine learning solutions. He also has a strong background in the gaming, simulation and military industry. In these sectors he has been the lead on the development and delivery of a wide range of products. His skillset includes the management and mentorship of development and associated teams, as well as agile development, containerization, cloud and continuous integration. His motivation for working with Caspian continues to be working with cutting edge technology to further human advancement.

Abi Giles-Haigh – Chief Data Science Officer

Abi is the Chief Data Science Officer at Caspian and is also Oracle certified in Big Data and an Oracle Ace Associate. She holds a PhD. in Computational Modelling of the Human Heart and a BSc. (Hons) in Computing Science. With 10 years’ experience of delivering Global and National Machine Learning and big data solutions in both the Health and Financial Sectors and a proven track record of hands on data science alongside strategic leadership and mentoring of data science teams, she also presents to a range of audiences on Data Science and Machine Learning. Her passion at Caspian is driven by providing explainable Machine Learning to businesses and using Data Products to drive efficiency and improve quality across systems.

Bashar Hasan

Bashar Awwad Shiekh Hasan – Head of Research and Development

Bashar is Caspian’s Head of Research and Development and holds a PhD. in Computer Science. He has 10 years’ experience as a computational neuroscientist followed by experience as a senior data scientist building end-to-end data science solutions. Bashar is driven by the desire to solve complex problems that are at the forefront of data science. The problems Caspian are trying to solve are both challenging, and exciting with measurable real-life impact. With Caspian aiming to be at the forefront of the AI revolution, Bashar is driving the R&D towards this future.

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