Take Control Of Human Performance Risk

How will your personnel perform in high risk situations?

  • How will your operators make decisions and judgements and analyse different types of information under uncertainty?
  • How will they respond to customers, apply regulatory procedures and solve problems when under pressure?

Caspian have the tools to solve this across the enterprise

  • Identify the personnel that will make errors in high risk situations
  • Identify the behaviours that cause high risk performance errors
  • Deliver targeted performance improvement to all levels in the organisation
  • Drive actions based upon unique performance insights

Certifying Performance in High-Risk Situations

Using simulation technology to test real world performance anytime, anywhere.

Caspian’s human performance platform enables banks to continuously certify and improve the performance of all personnel in high-risk roles across the enterprise.

  • Operators perform in computer-based simulations of real high-risk situations encountered by the organisation, complete with missing information, distractions and ambiguity
  • Proprietary algorithms capture key research-based risk markers with hundreds of data points on individual behaviours, thought processes, preconceptions, bias, decision-making logic and investigation and research strategies
  • This generates deep and extensive insight into how people really think and behave, which drives improvement and change at multiple levels from personal development plans, to new ways of taking major business decisions
  • Staff are recertified on a regular basis, working on new simulations that reflect legal, policy, process or other changes as well as incorporating performance and behavioural insights and improvement opportunities.

Identifying the Causes of Performance Risk

Using behavioural and performance intelligence to understand the real causes of errors and breaches.

Caspian’s platform enables forensic analysis of behaviour and performance, providing completely new intelligence and feedback for executives, managers and individuals.

  • Individual risk behaviours are accurately profiled by precisely measuring performance in high-risk situations
  • Analysis of the behavioural causes of performance breaches and errors enable areas of risk (such as people, process, location, organisational unit and type of transaction) to be predicted
  • Granular information underpinned by forensic data analysis provides the basis to embed the measurement of human behaviour risk into management intelligence systems and actions

Unique Insights for Executive Decision Making

Understanding how groups and individuals apply judgement, investigation and reasoning to make high-risk decisions

Examples of things banks have discovered using the Caspian platform include:

  • Threat Level – is my business certified for high performance?
  • What are the capabilities of the workforce to make risk decisions under uncertainty?
  • Where are the highest risks by performance and value?
  • Who are the highest performance risks, what is the quantum and where are they located?
  • What business situations pose the biggest risks and why?


The Caspian Performance Platform applies technologies and processes to drive business actions deep into the organisation.


  • Define and embed expert paths to resolve complex problems
  • Targeted supervision for ‘at risk’ personnel on high-risk tasks
  • Regular, automatically generated, personal performance improvement plans
  • Realignment of roles to maximise strong performer impact
  • Regular performance certification and recertification
  • Simulations and behavioural analytics embedded into recruitment, induction and onboarding


  • Continuous process improvement using simulations to target key behaviours and thought processes
  • New process design based on how people really think and behave
  • Behavioural risk markers embedded in high-risk situations
  • Process and system changes to assure adherence
  • Rapid reaction simulations to communicate required responses to emergencies and other major business issues


  • Processes in which human intervention and behaviours have neutral or negative impact
  • Identification and routing of high risk transactions
  • Cue patterns to indicate and respond to potential breach triggers
  • Performance feedback and reporting at executive, managerial and individual levels

Management Intelligence

  • Behavioural risk indicators embedded in management dashboards
  • Predictive modelling based on human causes of risk
  • Executive, managerial and personal KPIs


  • Provision of platform access to internal compliance and external regulators to evidence planned and actual measurable improvement in compliance behaviours
  • Targeted supervision for ‘at risk’ personnel on high-risk tasks
  • Use of predictive capabilities to achieve evidenced risk reduction
  • Simplified, cheaper, quicker responses to regulatory requirements for information and evidence


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